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I didn't intend to be gone for so long.

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Now, onto the newsletter!

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If you haven’t noticed, the last newsletter I sent was on July 31st, shortly after basketball returned. I had every intention of trying to get out at least one a month, but once I took this off of a weekly schedule, I should have know this would happen.


However! I’ve had some things I’ve been working on that have been super fun. For anyone who doesn’t know, here’s a list of all of the podcasts that I currently work on aside from my own, Welcome to Geekdom and Chat Sematary:

The Punk Rock MBA (You should sign up for the PRMBA newsletter.)

Disney Dependent

URM Podcast

The Riffhard Podcast

Squared Circle Pit

Hear&See (I’m working on upcoming episodes, but check out the current ones if you haven’t yet.)


The other big thing I’ve been sinking some time into is my YouTube channel. I’m going to be putting out more content there soon as I migrate to a weekly schedule. Go subscribe if you haven’t yet! You can watch my latest video below.

I’ll be covering a lot of things along the lines of what I cover on Welcome to Geekdom and Chat Sematary, they just might not justify an entire podcast episode. I’m enjoying the process of making these videos so far.

The Newsletter

Last, but not least, is the question of this newsletter. What will it look like going forward? I think the only way for me to remember to actually put content out here is to set a deadline for it. That worked fairly well when I was releasing it weekly, but I felt the quality was dwindling as I forced myself to get something out each week.

I’ve missed writing and I just need to make time for it again. As soon as I finish up the 7th Dark Tower novel, I’ll work out a better schedule for this and let you all know what the plan it.

Here’s what I want it to be, though:

  • Quick hits on what content I’m consuming (I’m also dropping that info in the PRMBA newsletter, but I’d like to go a little more in-depth here.)

  • Longer reviews/editorials of the things I have particularly strong thoughts on

  • Updates on what content I’ve put out

  • Some thoughts on the podcast industry

It won’t necessarily be all of these things each time, but I’d love to have some balance of all of these things. That’s all I have for now, though.

I hope everyone is holding up okay during these still uncertain times!

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