To Binge or Not To Binge

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Last week, I touched on making my way through The Americans. With a show that long, the only way I could binge it is if I watched pretty much nothing else for a couple of weeks. Today, the new season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina dropped. When I was thinking about all of the other things that I really should prioritize this weekend, I was left wondering about whether or not I should binge the show and get it out of the way or just watch as I feel I have the time to take in an episode or two at a time (and you know, deal with those priorities).

So, to binge or not to binge? After the last few experiences I’ve had with binge-watching shows, I think I’d rather not. I retain more if I have time to breathe in between episodes. I annihilated the third season of Stranger Things in a single day and I can only give you the gist of what happened while the details are all fuzzy. Granted that was over 6 months ago now at this point. However, I felt the same way about a week after watching it, too.

Binge-watching might seem like a good idea at the time and it works for some people. That’s what makes it great about Netflix just dumping all of the episodes and letting you figure out how you want to take them in. Although, it does pose a problem when it comes to discussing the show with others. You now have to ask, “Hey, have you seen this episode of this particular show?” before getting to the actual discussion, if you even end up having one at all. Clearly, that’s a minor problem in the grand scheme of life, but I’m someone who loves discussing shows with others. So if I don’t binge, I may miss out on some conversations. But I know I’ll eventually catch up and that’s perfectly fine with me.

I’d love to know your thoughts on whether or not you enjoy the binge mode option. Send your thoughts to @geekdompod on Twitter.

P.S. I highly recommend checking out Binge Mode from The Ringer if you love Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Game of Thrones, though.

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