Closing in on Stephen King

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In the last few weeks, I’ve been plugging away at Stephen King reading as usual. I now have 6 books left! However, Sleeping Beauties is 700 pages and The Outsider is over 600 for the copies that I have. So it’ll still take up a good chunk of my time for the next two months, but once Billy Summers is out in August, I’ll have probably at least 5-6 months before another one is on the way. That said, the podcast will by no means be done once I’m done with the remaining books. I am, however, excited to have some more free time once I’m all caught up so I can put some more energy into my YouTube channel. Speaking of, here are some of the videos that I’ve released since the last newsletter.

Aside from these three, I also released a reaction to the Lisey’s Story trailer and a video on what new comics hit DC Universe Infinite this month. I’ve been pretty busy and I don’t want to bog you down with too many more links so, I’ll just quickly go over the podcast updates.

Over on Welcome to Geekdom I’ve had a ton of fun conversations lately. You can listen to me talk about what it’s like kickstarting comics with Erica Shultz, discussing Mortal Kombat with Murjani Rawls, and more fun chats here.

I’m still plugging away at the Chat Sematary episodes, all of which you can listen to here. Mercy and Big Driver might not have been fun to watch, but I really enjoyed the conversations. I also had a great chat with Nat Brehmer about Revival.

Plus, I’m back on track for getting bonus episodes done! If you want to hear me talk about all of the Stephen King comics, become a Patreon supporter to get access to those.

Okay, that’s about as succinct as I can be without having approximately 20 links to everything in this newsletter. A huge thank you to everyone who reads this newsletter and checks out any of the stuff I do. I greatly appreciate it!

I will once again try to get back on track with this so it’s not a huge bombardment of content every time. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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